VirtualLab Fusion 2020.2

VirtualLab Fusion provides fast physical-optics modeling.

In this latest release we have added a full range of new features. Some highlights:

Highlights and Benefits

Regions with Modulated Grating Parameters

It is now supported to define gratings with modulated grating parameters within the regions on the surfaces of a light guide.‚Äč




New Surface Types

We implemented the following new surface types: Anamorphic Asphere, Q-Type Asphere Surface and Toroidal Asphere Surface.
The import of the corresponding surface from Zemax is also available.




And many more....

Besides these developments and improvements, we also did major changes in the source code editor. Snippets now show the former Additional Usings, Snippet Body Main Function together in one document with read-only parts and Syntax errors and warnings are highlighted.




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