Ray Tracing

Start to investigate the performance of your optical system using 3D ray distribution, dot diagrams of ray positions and directions, and OPL.

Geometric field tracing

Switch from conventional to smart rays and you quickly receive additional information about phase, polarization, coherence, and interference.

Unified field tracing

Combine geometric with numerous diffractive modeling techniques to include more wave-optical effects in your simulation.

The unique combination of modeling engines enables you to solve an enormous variety of basic and challenging modeling and design tasks:

Design of Laser Beam Delivery Systems
beyond Ray Tracing

VirtualLab Fusion software enables the design of lens and mirror systems for laser beam shaping and guidance. This is possible by parametric optimization and Monte-Carlo tolerancing techniques in combination with the unique field tracing simulation engine, which takes physical optics effects like beam diffraction and polarization into account.


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Design and Analysis of Laser Scanning Systems

VirtualLab Fusion software enables the design and analysis of laser scanners containing scanning mirrors and f-theta lens optics. The software provides ray tracing as well as physical optics based simulation techniques. Typical lens aberrations like field curvature and distortion can be computed. It is also possible to perform a highly precise investigation of the beam size and beam profile including diffraction effects.


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Analysis and Tolerancing of
Optical Measurement Systems


VirtualLab Fusion software enables the simulation of optical measurement systems like interferometers, spectrometers and surface measurement devices. Most of these setups are characterized by wave-optical effects like diffraction, interference and temporal as well as spatial coherence. The field tracing engines of VirtualLab take into account these physical optics effects yielding a fast and accurate modeling of measurement systems.  


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